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Since 1998 Cool-Tours is dedicated to festival goers who love to go on inexpensive trips to festivals worldwide and the exclusive MiXery Festival Camps.

A trip to a festival will be carried out by either bus, train or even by airplane. We offer different travel packages which can contain accommodation, admission fees, transfer or shuttle rides.

Our qualified team is happy to assist you.


MiXery Melt! Train

*** The departure times for the MiXery Melt! Train are online ***

We had to wait for quite some time now but at last they are there. The final departure times for the MiXery Melt! Train, which starts his journey for the first time in Amsterdam, are online.

Not only the departure times are online, we can also proudly announce the headlilner. It is Tijana T from Dystopian Label.

MiXery Melt! Train  


Melt! Festival

*** We falter on ***

With our hotel offers for the Melt! Festival there are good news. We falter on our hotel contingent, of course, it's only for you!

There are rooms available again for the Acron, Luther and Brauhaus hotel.

Do not wait too long, because otherwise all rooms are taken!


Hotel offers

Dour Festival

Nature One festival tickets

*** Here they are *** 

The original hardpaper tickets for the Nature One festival are bookable right now!


Nature One Festivaltickets

Southside and Hurricane - RECORD / 03.03.2016

*** We have a new record ***

70 % of our offers for the Southside Festival and Hurricane Festival are exhausted.

By the way, we are selling the last available tickets for both already sold out festivals. But only in combination with our hotel-busshuttle-package!!

Take your last chance and get one of the last tickets!




MiXery Festival Camp

*** MiXery Festival Camps are bookable now *** 

Dont wait too long and check out the new offers!

This year there are some changes, not only that Cool-Tours Festivalreisen will be lead by a new manager, also that the camps continue to evolve!
To reveal just a bit,... chillout pool, food truck, wifi, combination packages and more.
A detailed overview can be found in the camp description.
Please also have in mind that only people that have reached their 18th birthday are allowed to enter the camps.

We look forward to an unforgettable festival summer 2016 with all of you.



MiXery Festival-Camp splash!  

MiXery Festival-Camp Melt!

MiXery Festival-Camp Nature One



Spring Break Island


We are very happy to be able to offer you hotel-packages for Spring Break Island in Croatia.

Watch out our offers and enjoy a summer full of love, party and great music :)


Spring Break Island

Melt! Festival 2016

*** MiXery Melt! Train ***

Hey Dude!

Have you ever thought about travelling via a private Festival-Train? Then you are totaly right here. We offer you the MiXery Melt! Train. A Partytrain that starts in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Next stops are Den Bosch, Cologne and from there the route to Ferropolis like every year. You can find all important informations about this offer in the links below.

But that wasn't all i wanted to mention. In addition to the MiXery Melt! Train are also the other offerings to the Melt! Festival bookable.



MiXery Melt! Train 

Festival season 2016

*** All offers for the Festival summer 2016 ***

- MiXery Festival Camps at Melt!, splash!, Nature One
- MiXery Melt! Train
- Hotels and busshuttle-service for Hurricane, Southside, Melt!
- Busshuttles to Melt! from Berlin and back
Festival tickets for Hurricane, Southside, Nature One, Melt! Festival
- Festival tickets, Hotels for Spring Break Island in Croatia



MiXery Festival Camps

MiXery Melt! Train

Spring Break Island